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Why is it important to attend classes to be a drone pilot?

The answer sounds a bit obvious if you are a beginner with ambitions or projects, you will receive all kinds of guidance, accompaniment and learning to learn to fly a drone with mastery. But what happens if you already know the tools and functions of your drone, and you already acquired a great ability to Read more about Why is it important to attend classes to be a drone pilot?[…]

15 tips for beginner pilots

Very well! You just bought a new drone and you probably want to try it. I understand your emotion, but do not despair about it. If it’s your first time flying a drone, first you have to know some things before putting yourself into action. I will teach you in this blog some first tips Read more about 15 tips for beginner pilots[…]

10 professional tips to pilot your drone!

  Security: Crashing your drone while you learn to fly it is normal and is part of learning, but beyond what can happen to your drone, think if you accidentally collide with a person. Not only do you create a very uncomfortable moment but you can also hurt him. My advice is to avoid flying Read more about 10 professional tips to pilot your drone![…]

Drones in Hollywood

Did you know that drones took a very important role in the film and video production industry? Below we will show you how video recording has revolutionized thanks to the use of the drone. The benefits of drones in the cinema The film industry or the audiovisual market in general is a sector in which Read more about Drones in Hollywood[…]

10 uses of drones that insurance does not know.

This new paradigm of Drone-based inspections is helping industries improve efficiency and quality of data acquisition while increasing safety and speed of delivery. Although a new and emerging technology, (which is still evolving), in early 2018, most companies are not aware of the possible benefits they can achieve using small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAVs) to Read more about 10 uses of drones that insurance does not know.[…]